A Place for Independent Living.


The mission of 43° North is to provide resources, advocacy, programs and long term housing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Blaine County.

With a collaborative approach, we are dedicated to helping these unique members of our community achieve maximum independence, spark community integration and empower a life with purpose and meaning.


How We

Came to Be

Our Board

Marie Cochran


Tifny Lago


Cori Mooney 

Our Story.


Like many families who have a child with special needs, we are concerned about what the future holds for our kids. Where will they live, who will continue to advocate for them when we are no longer able, will they have friends and a community, and what will their quality of life be?


The nonprofit, 43°N , was formed in 2017 but was a vision long before that. As parents of kids who are not likely to follow a typical path through adolescence into adulthood, we are focused on creating a space where our kids will belong. We envision a place where they are accepted, supported and provided with opportunities to grow, learn and connect with others.

Why the Wood River Valley? 


Because there is no better place. The Wood River Valley has a support network that outranks any other community we have experienced.  Families have moved, or stayed here, because of the vast resources available for families like ours.  This beautiful place is where our kids are being raised, and where they call home. Throughout their lives, they’ve built relationships with community members, employers, volunteer organizations, and have enjoyed all that our valley has to offer. They are truly Our Local Heroes!

43°N is a supported community that creates hope and inspires dreams… A place to call HOME!!

Developing a place for independence,

at the right time.